10 Facts You Never Knew About DC's Lazarus Pit (2023)

DC characters tend to die and in most cases come back to life. Among the many ways the franchise has taken to make the resurrection process more believable is the use of the Lazarus Pit. Administered by the Honcho of the League of Assassins,Der Raal Ghul, the fountain is able to heal wounds and bestow a form of immortality.

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The hole is best known for revivalJason Toddafter he was killedFool, so turn him into Little Red Hood. However, there are many other little details about it that are scattered throughout the comics and TV shows, including Ra's al Ghul, Bane, Damian Wayne, and more.


10 The Lazarus Pit is named after a biblical figure

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There is a very good reason why the name Lazarus Pit was chosen. The biblical figure is taken, Lazarus of Bethany, who was resurrected by Jesus Christ after spending four days in a tomb. Since the Lazarus Pit brings people back to life, the name is quite appropriate.

Despite being inspired by the Gospel of John, DC manages to stand out from the holy book by trading good for evil. Instead of installing a hero as overseer of the Lazarus Pit, the franchise may have entrusted one of thembest batman villains, Ra's al Ghul with such a responsibility. Most of the well's beneficiaries also turned out to be sadists.

9 Nyssa can use the Lazarus Pit multiple times.

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The main rule about the font is that it can only be used once. However, Ra's al Ghul's daughter, Nyssa Ratko, has proven to be an exception to the norm as she has always found a way to turn a profit.

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Unfortunately, Nyssa has remained an underused character despite having found a way to stay alive for centuries. For the most part, her sister Talia al Ghul takes the spotlight, but even so, Nyssa's few arcs remain memorable, particularly the Holocaust, in which she uses the Pit to survive.

8 There is a device similar to the Lazarus Pit

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The Lazarus Pit really is a marvel for what it can do, but DC villains aren't the type to let one person take all the credit. Rather than leave the resurrection duties to Ra's al Ghul, the international cult known as the Church of Blood also created a device that can act as a well.

Religion and resurrection also go hand in hand, so choosing the Church of Blood as a provider of an alternative to the Pit of Lazarus is a good choice. Although the device has not been used as much as the Pit, it has proved useful on a few occasions, e.gFan favorite Teen Titans members, Raven, uses it to revive her classmate and friend Jericho.

7 There are differing accounts of the discovery of the Lazarus Pit.

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According to the DC media, various people are credited with discovering the Lazarus Pit. While the comics clearly state that Ra's al Ghul was the first person to discover the pit, the Arrowverse pays tribute to Al-Khidr, who was later written about in the Quran. Arrowverse further adds that the historian Herodotus was the first person to write about the well in the 5th century.

Comparing the two, the Arrowverse backstory stands out as the more intriguing due to the additional ties to religion. Also, the TV version of events adds more layers to Ra's al Ghul by portraying him as an opportunistic person who only claims something that was meant for society.

6 How the Lazarus Pit Really Works

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There is a science of how the Lazarus Pit can raise people from the dead. The source contains the fictional liquid metal Dionesium, which can reactivate dead cells. Like Marvel's Vibranium, Dionesium is a rare metal.

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Dionese also has more than one use. In addition to raising the dead, he can create a portal into the shadows of the main multiverse, also known as the Dark Multiverse. Among the most well-known denizens of this particular multiverse is Batman Who Laughs, an amalgamation of Batman and the Joker.

5 There is more than one Lazarus Pit in the DC Universe

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Only one Lazarus Pit, commonly known as the Fountain of Youth, appears in live action. This is not the case in the comics, where different pits have appeared in different comic editions. The fountains are located in the mountains of Switzerland, on the outskirts of Gotham and Infinity Island.

The sheer number of pits in the comics in no way added to their appeal as most of them are ultimately destroyed by Batman and one of them.DC's most ruthless villains, sinking. The only time multiple sources are seen in live action is when John Constantine searches various Earths to find one with a working source so he can use it to revive Oliver Queen.

4 Is there a way to counteract the side effects of Lazarus?

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An unfortunate side effect for those allowed to use the Lazarus Pit is bloodthirst. Although they manage to escape morale, the favored usually go on a nasty spree, causing damage that would otherwise have been avoided had they stayed dead. Fortunately, there is a way to counteract this.

The elixir called Lotus is able to prevent bloodthirst in any user of Lazarus Pit. However, members of one ofDC's most evil organizations, Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins, have no reason to be happy about this as the elixir is usually shown in the hands of their enemies. For readers, this is ideal as there are no interesting stories about turning too many bad guys into good people.

3 With the Lazarus Pit, timing is key

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Time is of the essence when it comes to the Lazarus Pit. The Source's effectiveness in relation to the resurrection depends on how quickly they are taken there. The sooner a deceased is removed, the greater the guarantee that it will come out in perfect condition.

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For example, Ra's once exhumed the bodies of Thomas and Martha Wayne and then placed them in the well only to have them reanimated as zombies. While these versions of Batman's parents form part of an engaging story, they are not generally considered as engaging as other DC zombies.

2 There has been a case of reversal

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The effects of the Pit of Lazarus are usually the same for everyone, but they are therean exception to the joker. Instead of becoming temporarily bloodthirsty, Gotham's criminal mastermind transforms into a law-abiding citizen.

It quickly becomes apparent that a good version of the Joker isn't as entertaining as one that causes mayhem and waits, with the arc lasting only a single comic book number. Nonetheless, it's refreshing for readers to see Batman's nemesis play by the rules for once.

1 The Lazarus Pit kills sane users in comics but not on TV shows

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It has been shown time and again in the comics that anyone who is not sick or dead does not benefit from the Lazarus Pit. In fact, they are more likely to die. Oddly enoughThings are both different in the DCAUand the Arrowverse, where able-bodied users were shown using the hole multiple times.

Making the moat accessible is understandable because it makes it more useful. Also, bringing characters back from the dead is DC's gambit, but not many resurrection stories can be explored when only a small fraction of the people can benefit from them.

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What powers does the Lazarus Pit have? ›

Powers. The Lazarus Pit's main function is to heal the injuries and even resurrect its user. The pit can revive someone from the dead if they have just died, as it will be ineffective on anyone who has been dead for too long. As a side effect of exposure to the pit, the user temporarily endures a "Lazarus Fever".

What happens if you drink the Lazarus Pit? ›

Some who have taken a drink of the Lazarus Pit soon realize that something is a bit different after the fact – they have gained what is called Bloodlust. After drinking from the pit, initially we are led to believe that people have simply become more aggressive, but it's more than that.

Can the Lazarus Pit be destroyed? ›

It can never be used again. Ra's al Ghul's daughter Nyssa eventually found a way around this, but guys like Bane are out there destroying Lazarus Pits all the time anyway, so it's a pretty limited resource.

Has Joker ever used the Lazarus Pit? ›

Batman once resurrected the Joker from the dead in a Lazarus Pit in order to take down Ra's al Ghul. The move made the Joker sane... temporarily. The Joker has caused quite a bit of turmoil in Batman's life, as the DC Comics villain's special affinity for the Caped Crusader has led to violence, destruction, and death.

Who has been revived by the Lazarus Pit? ›

And, in an alternate timeline, the Pit was used by Superman and Batman to revive their fallen comrades, revived Green Lantern, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman. It was only a short reunion, but it was enough for Batman and Superman to do what they do best and restore the timeline back to normal.

Who threw red hood in the Lazarus Pit? ›

History. After being killed by the Joker, Jason Todd's corpse was brought by a member of the League of Assassins who dunked it in a secret Lazarus pit placed by Ra's al Ghul.

Are Lazarus Pits magic? ›

The Lazarus pits are now magical, in the sense that they have in them an element greater than 8th metal. The metal used by gods. The Lazarus pits are now made of Dionesium. One of five metals from the dark matter multiverse.

Does the Lazarus Pit regrow limbs? ›

No. Lazarus pits do not make their users immortal. They repair any damage done to the body, and magically re-initialize the life force, as long as your body isn't too damaged, decayed or suffering from terrible brain injuries.

Who all has been in the Lazarus Pit? ›

The Lazarus Pits have long been associated with the League of Assassins in Batman comics but many other characters have bathed in them.
DC: First 10 Uses Of The Lazarus Pit (In Chronological Order)
  • 3 Bane.
  • 4 King Snake. ...
  • 5 The Riddler. ...
  • 6 Black Canary. ...
  • 7 The Joker. ...
  • 8 Jason Todd. ...
  • 9 Nyssa Raatko. ...
  • 10 Ra's Al Ghul. ...
Dec 4, 2020

Did the Lazarus Pit give Jason super strength? ›

Powers & Abilities

Enhanced Strength: After being resurrected by the Lazarus Pit, Jason found that he had enhanced strength. While there are many 'regular' humans stronger than him, for his size and frame he is considerably stronger than he should be.

Did the Lazarus Pit change Jason? ›

Years later, the powerful healing waters of the Lazarus Pit brought Jason Todd back to life. However the power of the pit comes at a cost, and a change takes hold in Jason. He now uses mantle of the Red Hood to wage a lethal war on crime.

What did Joker do to Jason? ›

The Joker kept Jason in a sealed-off and abandoned wing of the asylum, tied to a chair. There, with Frank Boles covering for him, Joker tortured and brainwashed the young man. As part of a psychological plan, Joker forced Jason into believing that Batman had abandoned him, and that Batman was the true villain.

Does the Batcave have a Lazarus Pit? ›

To prevent the dead from rising up in Gotham City, Batman created a new Lazarus Pit inside the Batcave. The fact that he didn't put his parents into the pit to bring them back shows he has great self-control.

Does the Lazarus Pit take your soul? ›

Does the Lazarus Pit take your soul? No. Lazarus pits do not make their users immortal. They repair any damage done to the body, and magically re-initialize the life force, as long as your body isn't too damaged, decayed or suffering from terrible brain injuries.

Why did Riddler use the Lazarus Pit? ›

Riddler had used a Lazarus Pit to cure himself of terminal brain cancer, and during his time in the pit, deduced Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne.

What did the Lazarus Pit do to Jason? ›

Jason is perhaps the most well-known recipient of the Lazarus Pits, helping shape the character he's become today. Rather than being used to restore his youth, Jason was brought before the pits to recover his memories, as many of them were lost once he was brought back to life.

What happens if you let Ra's al Ghul live? ›

If Ra's is restored to health, he would most likely resume his command over the League of Assassins and continue waging war with whomever he sees as a threat, including Batman: Arkham's other villains. Although this decision would lead to his good health, it would also lead to countless more lives being lost.

How many times can the Lazarus Pit be used? ›

Limitations. Each of the Lazarus Pits can only be used one time by a user, however Ra's al Ghul's daughter Nyssa discovered a way to make the Lazarus Pits last indefinitely, though how she does this is never revealed.

What is the strongest form of Jason? ›

Uber Jason is the strongest version of Jason in the game and in the canon franchise. Savini Jason would have been the 2nd strongest if Uber Jason was released as scheduled.

Does Marvel have a Lazarus Pit? ›

In the pages of Empyre: Avengers, a member of the team died in the war with the Cotati, but he was revived with an ancient ritual.

Did Trigon create the Lazarus Pit? ›

According to Ra's al Ghul, one of many spirits he controls, Trigon is also responsible for creating the Lazarus Pits.

Does Azrael's choice matter? ›

If players choose to kill Batman, Batman swiftly counters the blow and dispatches Azrael. While this choice determines that Azrael's morality remains compromised, the majority of fans prefer this option for Azrael's conclusion in Batman: Arkham Knight.

What does Ra's al Ghul say when he kills? ›

"'a'ithhu min 'athaabil-qabri wa 'athaabin-naar."

Who did Ra's al Ghul love? ›

However, when Ra's was still young and mortal, he was also married. His wife's name was Sora and she was the love of his life. Of course, few comic book villains are complete without a tragic past, and Ra's al Ghul is no exception.


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