ADOBE Experience Manager -Turm for beginners |What is aem (2023)

In this constantly developing and competitive world, customers become more remarkable daily as well as their requirements.To make them satisfied and keep them in business, companies must involve relevant content with each of their public interactions.

These companies would require comprehensive content management solutions that create their websites, along with all the necessary applications that add to a complete suite -applications, paperless forms, on -line communities, etc.

In this case, experts make life easier to eye their content and active and also allow them to give them to the right people at the right time.A solution we would discuss in detail in the Adobe Experience Manager that affects the acronym AEM.

Let's get more details about this fantastic tool in the additional sections of this article.

Topics you will learn in this Adobe Experience Manager -Tutorial
  • O IST Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)?
  • What is AEM technology?
  • AEM developer tools for solar eclipse
  • What does AEM use?
  • AEM characteristics
  • AEM developer role

What is Adobe Experience Manager?

As explained in the section above,Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)If a content management solution is to help experts seek your content.Everything that is needed for a person or company to create the most important strategic components is housed on this individual platform.

AEMIn the layman, it can be described as faster and easier to give your customers access to what you want, making interfaces friendly and available integrated functions.It also gained great popularity for the organization.

It does not allow any web app to be configured on a handling scope, but also to create mobile applications at a fast pace.With AEM, companies can create web applications, rapid reaction websites, mobile applications, forms, etc.Digital Asset Manager (Dam).

For organizations that plan to choose AEM or use them, this article should contain almost all the details necessary to understand better.

This not only allows you to help companies increase the pace, but also get valuable information about the high quality technical script.

What is AEM technology?

The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is based on the concepts of Sling Apache, an Osgi -based Java application using Apache Felix -Engine.In Laiens, you can mention that Apache is Felix Apache Sling, what a equinox for the IDE eclipse.

Apache Sling uses a Java Contents -Repository (JCR, which was created with the Apache Jackrabit object database) to save the necessary information further..This offers the basic functionality of a server and a servlet structure.

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Apache Schlinga is seriously outdated and therefore added Adobe to the funds of the funds to create their own extended version of the apache -Sling lines as Adobe CRX (extreme content repository).Translated.crx or granite has taken care of most underlying functions or functions at a low level such as event management, user management and data personnel.

The functions of digital asset management functions and content management are provided with WCM / CQ above the granit / CRX core.Much more is what was in the form of CQ.

AEM assets provided AEM to scene 7 functionality, while AEM forms provided the Livecycle Taemo Aem functionality.


The following diagram shows the basic architecture of AEM with its interdependencies.This may come from your own internal management or equivalent of third party suppliers.

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Now let's go through each topic individually to understand the internal AEM, the tool:

1. Motor they served

The servlet mechanism is the server in which each of the AEM instances is performed as a web application.The application server is performed, would still require a servlet mechanism.

To satisfy this need, CQ WCM is sent along with the CQSE of Day (CQ Servlet Engine), which is free and supported to the fullest.

2. Java Content Repository (JCR)

A Java content repository is a content repository that connects the JSR-170-API, regardless of real implementation.) And also a persistence manager (this includes persistent data storage, such as a file system or a file systemor thickness).

3. CQ 5

1. The base of CQ5 (which name was given to the causes of AEM) provides perfect interoperability and integration in all CQ applications.This is usually available for integrated CQ5 applications and other adapted applications that are developed for the platform as a whole.

2. Web content management and workflow mechanism are the applications that have been developed to use the advantages of CQ5.With other products, digital asset management and social cooperation are available. They are Apache Sling and Osgi (Apache Felix).

3. Apache Sling is a web application structure that was centrally centered on content applications with a Java content repository available, such as Apache Jackrabbit or CRX, to save and remember the content.

  • Sling is based on the remaining principles that offer a simpler content development life cycle.
  • Is incorporated into AEM
  • It is used to process http rendering and data area requests
  • It assigns objects of content to the respective components that rendering and process the data received
  • It is accompanied by the server side, as well as the support for Ajax -based script
  • Loop can be used with a variety of script languages, such as JSP and Ruby
  • It started as an internal project of Day Management Ag and later contributed to Apache Software Foundation

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4. AEM (the old CQ5) is based on an OSGI technology based structure and is considered a dynamic Java module system.Through:

  • Osgi technology is classified into universal middleware technologies
  • OSGI technology offers standard primitives that can be used to create applications from small and reusable components.This can consist of an application and even more supplied.
  • Osgi packages may contain compiled Java code, scripts and content that must be loaded in the repository along with the necessary configuration files and protocol files
  • With Osgi technology, we can carry a package and install during normal processes.This is usually managed through the sling management console if this was the case with AEM.
  • Apache Felix was used to develop this structure.It is an open source implementation, including OSGI's structure and services.

5. There are also some other components that we can discuss under the classification of CQ5.Web Content Management(CQ WCM) It is the tool with which pages production and publication can be possible on your real site.

6. CQ Workflow Engine is a friendly and powerful process mechanism that is performed on a CQ5 platform.There is a provision for a Java API and a relaxing HTTP interface for the necessary access through applications outside the platform.In this structure itself all consultations for content generation or publication are managed, including licenses and derectors.

7. CQ components provide the necessary logic when rendering the actual content.

8. Widgets CQ are the building block elements with which certain user functions are often implemented with content processing and also contain dialogues, buttons, radio boxes, etc.

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AEM developer tools for solar eclipse

AEM Development Instruments for Eclipse -ide are sent with a perspective that offers full control over AEM projects and instances.-Tzen 2 is based.

This plug -in offers many functions that make AEM development faster and easier.They are as follows.

  • It offers perfect integration into all your AEM instances through the eclipse server connector.
  • It offers synchronization for your content and OSGI package.
  • It offers the necessary clearance support with the Code Hot Swapping function.
  • It offers a simple AEM Projects boat trap on a project -specific assistant.
  • It offers a simple edition of JCR Properties.

AEM -Deloper tools are useful if you have installed Eclipse -ide -ide for Java EE developers.Get:

  • Supports AEM version 5.6.1 or new
  • Edit the Eclipse.ini configuration file to have at least 1 GB of memory.

What does AEM use?

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AEM finds many uses when it comes to using the developer community and business users, we now analyze all these purposes in succession and understand the intern better.

1. Project Panel

Project management is provided by the AEM -Dashboard project through a central environment.Obviously, websites and assets, while editors associate external links, team information, project information and tasks in their projects.

2. Digital Asset Management (Dam)

AEM DAM (Digital Asset Management) is a tool that offers editors the opportunity to manage the life cycle of assets on their websites.With the dam, editors can save various actives, such as videos, documents, and images under a clear paste structure.Dam is in its drag and -DROP -Atribui.

3. Edit content

Additional content can be created by pulling the page and falling.Conditional editors always work in certain sections on the page (since they are a group of components or building blocks).With the integration of the AEM dam, it is now possible after you find some active and go to a certain side of your choice.

4. Adobe Marketing Cloud Integration

Marketing should create much more than just the customer experience on the web and be able to create the necessary monitoring of targeted analysis, users, or groups and create campaigns.This can be achieved by selecting the right tools to meet marketing needs to become.

AEM is part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, as marketing efforts with AEM efforts should be made automatically rather than further efforts.It is very easy for AEM to integrate into Adobe's campaign, Adobe Analytics or even Adobe Target not only that, there are many other third part tools in which it is integrated to offer much more flexibility and expansion.

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5. OOTB Available components (out of the box)

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is associated with a variety of construction blocks and box components.The development of a project is the first thing that uses all these functions ready for use and thus reduces development costs to a minimum minimum.Secondly, these components are supported by Adobe very well if they are migrated to recent AEM versions.

The amount of code that needs to be written is also brought to the least with the advent of these components, which is the third advantage.

6. Personalization

All content created daily may not fit the curated content of each client and therefore requires some tailoring to meet the requirements.

AEM collects all the information, such as the location of the visitor, a relationship that it has with the other products available, the history, the research history and many other details like provided.


AEM characteristics

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In this section, we discuss the characteristics that AEM brings to the table.There are some functions that it offers to track current market trends, and then there are traditionally necessary functions of a product suite like Adobe.Each of them and understands them in detail:

1. Find everything you want everywhere

Omni-Search is the function that we should discuss and allow users to research the entire repository to access all data types in AEM.To find components, models and pages, all in this case.With comprehensive research, you will be an advantage, as well as your organization, the most productive work done in a short time.

2. Models for all

Authorization is what AEM screams.Real models could not have been easier if not the case of AEM.

There are three friendly modes- content, layout and structure with which business users can create the models of their choice.

Creating a model is no longer a long task as a model editor for developers and business users - who can use the intuitive interface to create their own models.

3. Social Power

Improving efficiency is the goal that requires successful content marketing.If we use social power, we can improve content efficiency and marketing strategies, commitment and mobility.

With recent publications of social communities, there is always the possibility of improving digital experiences through the power of social conversations, which can also happen about the communities they have in their brand.

4. Apply content on scale

The need for time is to create better content than to create content.This is what happens to us, we have to use traditional ways of content sources, which is a more difficult task with limited staff, budget and resources.

This is where AEM integration 6.2 is in the live resort (curated content and public engagement service), which contributes to the fact that social media and community -powered content gather along with AEM.Brand ambassadors are generated.

5. Personalization that is fine grass

Personalization is the need of the time.Biser was a large amount of data that is sized and personalized to serve the gigantic audience.This means that the customization of your brand and the ability to deliver the right content to the right audience is the fastest.

6. Mira locally and manage globally

Having plans for a global campaign - this means adopting the world with many culturally, regulatory, regional, and more differences.To manage all this in one place.

With the manager of various websites, global brands can transfer their campaigns from headquarters to local locals and then with more lightness and control to regional markets.This also ensures that each of its target markets around the world is approached the right way.

7. Location

There was enormous progress in the area of translation and efficient administration within AEM.

AEM defines the location of the content by translating the machine and analyzes to identify areas in which human translation is justified.This helps identify parts of your web experience that are used more often and then translated by a person to try to improve.

8. Best Practices

AEM 6.2 has a reference center that includes all class best practices that are checked by Adobe. This is a great instrument for providing the best information about AEM foundations to developers and business users.

The topics that AEM promotes are a faster time for market, scalability and content speed.The best customer experiences are possible through the functions developed by AEM.

AEM developer role

AEM is supposed to play so many levels of the web development pile that requires more awareness and knowledge than an average web / software developer.Java Content Repository (JCR) or Osgi.

However, we will assume some of the roles in a particular development project and understand the importance of an AEM developer in each of these areas:

1. Design UX (User Experience)

AEM development begins with the very level of wire.With your AEM developers and architects during the planning phases, you get a better advantage in your implementation.

Thus, AEM developers acquire knowledge of user interactions, user experiences and a small architecture of user information and experience.

2. Front-end development

An AEM developer is expected to know the front end code closely.There are always pictures for them to know enough about Gole/Grunzen, NPM and Node.js.With the actual development of the front end that is usually used CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery.

3. Development of AEM components

Most of the development of components do not use JSPS, but the language of HTML models (previously called visualization).This phase also includes dialogue formation (in XML) and customer library development (specifically for AEM development), you can add dynamic content to the components provided in the dialog box.Most logic can be achieved using the HTML tamation language, and the complex can be achieved with Java code.

4. Development of AEM Osgi and Servlets

An AEM developer must be informed about Osgi's structure, the comments and the overall life cycle of the Osgi component.He may also have to use an Osgi service instead of just saying that as an Osgi component.

Most of this knowledge comes from the general development of Java and also from the Know-how of the request/response life cycle.

5. AEM Devops and Production Support

An AEM developer will still be on the owner upon completion of the actual development.With the advent of CI/CD systems, such as Jenkins, the code can move to one of the environments (Dev, Staging, Preproduction and UAT).

Generally, production movements would be performed manually to ensure that all processes are performed following a checklist.


In this article, we examine each main concept of AEM in detail.It is available that functions can use to implement marketing strategy in the shortest possible time.

We discussed a lot with the architecture AEM in connection with AEM architecture.

We also saw how AEM can be recorded in its eclipses -according to development.We try to understand what it takes to configure the -in plug for the IDE eclipse.Bring AEM to the table.

We discussed apps in detail, in which AEM is used and we also understand the various roles that an AEM developer is expected in the real development process.We still recommend going through the official documentation before making purchase decisions.

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