Best Lambdatest alternatives (free and paid) for 2023 (2023)

This blog post explores the best most lambdates alternatives for software testers.

Each team approaches the tests differently.It is essential to find browser cross compatibility.

I compaled a list of the best alternatives to the cross browser test tool and lambdatate applications to help you find a new tool for your team.

This is lambdatest

Lambdatest is a cross -headquartered cross browser test tool that helps us perform cross browser tests for web applications on over 3000 browsers, and mobile devices.His selenium grid is highly compatible, he admits that each multi -language automation frame and offers selenium links.It can be supported by table and mobile web automation, you can automate our test workflow.

Lambda allows us to perform manual and automation execution on different platforms.It can help us reduce feedback time and speed up implementation.

Lambdatest is the best for companies related to SaaS, PAAS, fintech, e-commerce, digital marketing, e-learning, etc., is used by thousands of developers and evaluators who work in companies such as Nevelala, Scholastic, Capgemini, Eureka, etc.


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  • Browser Compatibility: Admits a wide range of browsers, mobile devices and desktop, versions and operating systems.In addition, this helps us capture real -time browser compatibility sessions by providing features to record and screenshots.
  • Perfect Collaboration: You can register problems instantly during test sessions.It allows us to share the problem immediately by and email, break and even login in different error monitoring tools.
  • Validation of Answer Capacity: With a single click, we can check the response capacity of different screen sizes, it is due to the safe function of the Shell tunnel.
  • Automated Screen Captures: When selecting some settings, we can get a large set of screenshot required with Lamdbatest.
  • Cross device tests: provides huge options to test different devices, iOS, Android, different versions, different devices such as iPhone, iPad, Google, Samsung, OnePlus, etc.
  • Cross browser test: Lambdatest supports us to try a variety of newer browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge,
  • Bug: We don't have to spend on a third party error monitoring tool, Lambadatest Test offers functions to monitor problems -in problems that can help us assign, track, export to PDF and share errors.


  • Admits selenium grid for web/furniture automation tests.
  • Run the Cyprés tests on more than 40 versions of the Chrome, Firefox and Edge browser.
  • It admits parallel tests that reduce execution time and speeds up the market launch.
  • It allows continuous tests with easy integration with CI/CD tools that include Jenkins, Circle CI, Gitlab CI.etc.
  • You can perform live browser compatibility tests.
  • With the help of the Lambdatest Browser app, we can move synchronization to test two views at the same time.
  • Activate a faster automated screen capture test.


  • It has a little delay when virtual machines are used.
  • It has some stability problems when it comes to simulators.
  • You need a very strong internet connection to use the tool.
  • It is not open source software and is quite expensive.
  • It is not compatible with native application tests.
  • It is not compatible with API tests

Comparison of competitors lambdatest

Tool nameFree trialBasic Plan PriceLink
PresentationAvailable$ 180 / MESTo know more
AWS Device FarmAvailable$ 3000 / year (unlimited test)To know more
navigationAvailableUS $ 228 / anoTo know more
DwarfAvailableUS $ 500 / anoTo know more
SaucelabsAvailable$ 468 / AgainTo know more
Cross crossAvailable$ 348 / AgainTo know more
More experiencedAvailableContact supportTo know more

Lambdatest list list

Although Lambdatest seems the best solution, there are certain characteristics.There are some alternatives that can be used instead of lambdatest. Device Farm

Best Lambdatest alternatives (free and paid) for 2023 (2)

AWS Device Farm is an application test service that helps companies try web applications and furniture on various table browsers and mobile devices.This helps us improve the quality of our iOS, Android and Web apps by trying real telephones and tablets on the AWS cloud.

This helps us perform performance test applications that would provide us with real automated tests and problems playing, simulating and testing that can occur on various platforms


  • AWS Device Farm helps you try the same device your customers use.
  • It simulates a real -time environment used by the end user.
  • It integrates with our development workflow.
  • It has 300 more devices in laboratories and can connect and try it.
  • Using AWS Device Farm, we can test Android and iOS, admit parallel execution.


Best Lambdatest alternatives (free and paid) for 2023 (3)

Browserling is a cross browser test tool that helps us try our site in the most popular browsers.Ejecta browers on a virtual machine and we get live access to them.It also has a free version

It admits developers, programmers and evaluators with the implementation of applications, anonymous navigation and file exchange.It offers test utilities for code encoding, XML, HTML, CSS, purification and more.


  • It allows us to capture our tests, write it, save it in our account and send an email.
  • This helps us to perform local web tests with SSH SECUS tunnels.
  • With one click, we can start our receptive web test by changing screen resolution and browser window sizes with a single click.
  • The Hunter Bug function helps us identify design problems and defects on our site and send error reports with a single click.
  • The browser is an HTML5 -based application, so it does not require additional accessories, java or flash.

# 3. Inan

Best Lambdatest alternatives (free and paid) for 2023 (4)

Kobiton is a device test platform that allows us to create a real -time environment for an ideal mobile experience.It allows us to access physical devices through the cloud, also provides us with full support for guidance and gestures.

Kobiton provides us with detailed -based real -time app analysis, which include videos, screenshots, gestures, as well as this data, also provides us with system metrics, such as battery performance and memory.


  • Kobiton's automation test admits parallel execution.
  • It allows us to perform manual and automation tests on real devices.
  • It can be integrated with great integration tools such as Github, Jenkins, Teamcity, etc.
  • It is also compatible with Selenium Webdriver, Appium and Katalon Studio.
  • You can provide private, audience or hybrid cloud support.

Kobiton tests

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Best Lambdatest alternatives (free and paid) for 2023 (5)

LAB Sauce is a highly scalable and safe automation cloud that helps us try table, web, furniture, native and hybrid applications.It is an open source application that admits developers and evaluators to perform functional tests, manual hand tests of the JavaScript unit tests and automation tests using selenium and Appium.

Moule Lab Ajorda Manual and automative testing in monetal and web applications for over 800 browsers, over 200 emulators and moving simulators and more than 2,000 real devices.


  • Saucelab is a highly reliable and on -demand cloud that provides scalability of the degree of business with standard sector security.
  • It admits Mark of popular tests, tools and services.
  • It can be programmed in any language.
  • This helps us identify test failures quickly with purification tools, such as screenshots, video recordings and detailed records
  • It allows the United States to record virtual execution and admit parallel tests.


Best Lambdatest alternatives (free and paid) for 2023 (6)

Crossbrowsertting is a complete browser test platform that allows us to try to purify more than 1500 computer and furniture browsers.It has a native purification tool that helps us correct HTML, CSS and JavaScript errors in any browser.

Automated screen catches are required on several browsers simultaneously and then compare with historical tests.It is the most appropriate to test mobile browsers and desktop and furniture.


(Video) HyperExecute | Blazing Fast⚡Next-Gen Automation Testing Cloud Platform | LambdaTest

  • It has the live purification function where you identify design problems.
  • It allows us to take automated screen captures according to our needs.
  • It provides us with a visual comparison of various browsers, along with previous tests.
  • You can help us try real devices and also admit local tests.
  • It has a complete API that integrates various test tools, such as Jenkins, Jira, Slack, Pepuber, etc. continuous tests previously experience

Best Lambdatest alternatives (free and paid) for 2023 (7)

Digital.AI Continuous section is a test platform that admits manual and automation tests over 2000 mobile devices and web browsers.It is an intelligent delivery and delivery and delivery management platform.

It admits us to perform large -scale tests based on APPIUM on various devices, emulators and simulators, and monitor application performance and real time test results.It allows us to align planning, software delivery, application tests and security in an exclusive AI -base -based value -based value.


  • This facilitates the creation and execution of large -scale Appium tests on more than 1000 real devices and real iOS.
  • The global data centers of continue to test various devices, emulators and simulators.
  • It admits accessibility tests, helps us provide the accessible site and application experiences for people with disabilities.
  • Digital test provides us with a consolidated view that helps us obtain instant visibility, quickly identify flaws and perform a root cause analysis.
  • Digital performance monitoring.


There are a wide variety of test automation solutions on the market, but that doesn't mean everyone is good.We have to find a solution that can create an appropriate device infrastructure for our equipment, it should actually be optimized based on our requirements.

Although Lambdatest provides a comprehensive solution to our web test needs, we have to agree that it is not an exclusive size solution.This is why we give some recommendations for alternatives for Lambda.Primo tests, first, start understanding the joint skill and the needs of your equipment before evaluating and finally chooses a solution.

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