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The first 25hours Hotel in Italy opened its doors in Florence with an attractive design and a very central location.

Heaven or hell? That is the question of the 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino in Florence, which will open in the fall of 2021. Exactly on the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Aligiheri, the 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino welcomed its first guests. The design therefore also follows Dante's "Divine Comedy", which is reinterpreted by Milanese interior designer Paola Navone.

The journey through the medieval masterpiece begins at the reception: should the night be spent in heavenly heaven or burning hell? Guests can choose where to sleep - the hotel's rooms are divided into two styles, Inferno and Paradiso. You can choose from deep red rooms with velvet drapes and black bedding or cloudy white retreats with light gray-blue accents.

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The style of designer Paola Navone and her team permeates all areas of the hotel. There are allusions to Dante's work throughout: scenes of hell and paradise alternate playfully and lead to the world of the “Divine Comedy” between virtues and vices. Even when you step into a hotel elevator, you don't know whether the trip will end in heaven or hell.

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Exceptional design by Paola Navone

The design always remains elegant and noble - nothing here resembles a ghost train environment. The decor is made up of a selection of vintage furniture, sourced from markets and traditional craft workshops around the world. Many of the pieces are earlier – now revisited – designs from the design studio.

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Some design elements, such as the cutlery at the San Paolino restaurant, were specially designed for 25horas by Paola Navone and her team. The diverse mix of materials is a hallmark of the hotel's interior design; Marble and mosaic, terracotta and metal, mirror and wood or ceramic and glass merge into a harmonious composition. Paola Navone is inspired by her designs on her many travels, attaching great importance to the craft traditions of the countries she travels to, combined with modern influences from photography, theatre, cinema and art. The 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino forms a colorful potpourri of its accumulated experience, well-known design classics and new creative ideas.

In the capital of Tuscany, Florence, you can enjoy and celebrate “la dolce vita” – the sweet life – anywhere. The 25hours Hotel San Paolino is the ideal starting point. It is centrally located in the heart of Florence, in the Santa Maria Novella district, in one of the most authentic neighborhoods of the Italian metropolis. A short distance from the train station, at the back of the Museo del Novecento, the 25hours Hotel San Paolino occupies an entire block between the exciting ancient street Via de Fossi and the lively Via Palazzuolo, thus connecting two neighborhoods that previously had little touch.

The 25hours Hotel San Paolino occupies the former premises of the "Monte de' Pegni" - the loan company of the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze - and has its central nucleus of 66 rooms in the original convent next to the eponymous church of San Paolino. New creative energy was breathed into the old rooms through controlled demolitions, new building elements and restored areas. The historic core is complemented by a new annex with a further 104 rooms with balconies, as well as the Casetta del Giardino, a small apartment with a private garden and swimming pool. The result is a modern and cosmopolitan hotel with 171 rooms, some with a balcony, unlike anything else in the Florentine market.

Culinary highlights of Italian cuisine

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The center of the hotel in the historic palace is the San Paolino restaurant under the huge glass dome. Surrounding it is a green garden courtyard, a classic Negroni bar and a typical Alimentari, a local grocery store and the lively square with a small selection of drinks and food to suit the time of day.

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The San Paolino restaurant, with its imposing glass dome, represents Italian cuisine with the best of all regions of the country, although Tuscany has a special role on the menu. There are also some dishes from designer Paola Navone's private collection of recipes, which change seasonally. On the wine list, guests will find only selected Tuscan recommendations from friendly wineries. San Paolino offers a meeting point at any time of the day and in the warmer months the gastronomic area expands into the green garden of the inner courtyard.

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The Companion Bar at the 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino has a classic Italian yet international feel. The focus is on sweet and sour classics like the Negroni (which, by the way, was invented in Florence), but also new interpretations that play with these flavors seasonally. The Companion Bar accompanies guests from aperitifs to late night drinks and is establishing itself as an integral part of Florentine nightlife.

Alimentari means food in Italian. In Italy, however, it is also the term for the corner store. The Hotel 25hours in Florence has its own Alimentari in the small Piazza San Paolino. In addition to paninis, sandwiches and salads, there is also a traditional style wine shop with a selection of local products and specialties for gourmets - ideal for a gastronomic journey through the world of Italian delicacies. The product range has been curated by the well-known local bakery S.Forno and of course all freshly baked goods come right out of their oven.

Florence is an artistic metropolis

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The artistic metropolis of Florence is one of Italy's most popular holiday destinations. Visiting out of season ensures a much less stressful outing. Whether it's the Gothic Town Hall (Palazzo Vecchio), the Cathedral (Duome Santa Maria Del Fiore) or a visit to theUffizi, one of the most important museums in the world: lovers of art and culture will get their money's worth in Florence. Great masterpieces of art history can be found in the 50 impressive rooms of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Also worth seeing is the Jeff Koons exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi, which is just a ten-minute walk from the 25-hour Hotel Piazza San Paolino.

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A gelato always works

And it doesn't matter if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter: Gelato is always a must when visiting Italy. for example inEisdiele La Carraia, which produces the most delicious creations. And of course you should have an aperitif in one of the numerous bars or cafes. It's particularly nice to sit at a terrace bar and let the unique view wander across Florence and the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno.

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About 25 hours hotels
25hours is an intelligent hotel idea that, shaped by personalities and a relaxed and charming service, seeks contemporary answers to the demands of an urban and cosmopolitan traveller. The brand is committed to individuality, authenticity and personality and designs each of its hotels with different designers and a unique style under the motto "If you know one, you don't". The 25hours Hotel Company was founded in 2005 by Stephan Gerhard, Ardi Goldman, Christoph Hoffmann and Kai Hollmann and today operates 12 hotels in German-speaking countries and in Paris. Other openings are planned for 2021: 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino in Florence and 25hours Hotel One Central in Dubai. The opening of the first 25hours Hotel in Scandinavia will take place in March 2022 in Copenhagen. Other houses in Sydney and Melbourne are planned.

25 hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino in Florence
The 171-room hotel occupies a complex of old and modern buildings just around the corner from the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella. The rooms were decorated by designer Paola Navone based on motifs from Dante's "Divine Comedy". Many rooms have a green balcony, in addition to the pool, gym, cinema and bar, there is a restaurant in the glass-covered courtyard, which is also popular with locals. Double room from 159

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getting there
The hotel is just a few minutes' walk from Firenze Santa Maria Novella train station. From here you can be at the airport in twenty minutes. 5 minutes from Florence train station.

25 hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino
Sao Paulo Square, 1
50123 Florence

general contact
Tel. +39 055 29 66 911

travel recommendations


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The content was not influenced.


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