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The creator of the dangerous album Michael Jackson was the artist Mark Ryden.It took six months to end with Michael Jackson Dangerous Artwork.Michael Jackson's life is reflected in both the pictures and in the symbols.Medford, Oregon, California.In 1987 he received the design school in Pasadena.Between his customers and had the mentality to interpret the pictures that Jackson wanted on the cover.The account cartoonist asked Michael very specific things and also pulled his own analogies to leave the room for these symbols.Michael said Mark that design should be mysterious and that people will be will interpret it in their own way.

Michael Jackson dangerous art work

Let us analyze this cover design step by step.

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1 - The name "Michael Jackson" in his eyes has given way to a huge theater mask that seems to want to want brown skin, the perfect decoration that seems to dominate.

2 - The head of a monkey seems to be crowned in a fairy.They are their chimpanzees, which were saved from a cancer research center in 1985.It is noteworthy that the entire work environment is practically covered by animals.

3 - Several animals are properly grouped in the middle: a real turkey, precise representations of glamor and beautiful like the entertainment world, an elephant with a number 9 on the front (like this number with 7, the most prominent in numerology) a rhinoceros, a Morsa and so on.

4 - On each side of Michael's eyes there are two faces of clowns with hats.They represent the circus, but also the theater and the classic visions of theatrical performance, a cry and another laugh.

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5 - Two musical cherubines appear on both sides of a lucky man and announce sound and music.

6 - A prehistoric man, maybe a warrior tribe (antiquity is an obsession for Michael Jackson).In his hands he accompanies this great concert with two dishes.

7 - More angels appear on the left of the picture, this time an angel and a smaller child in some fish in the style of the living carousel or uncle.

8 - An entrance to a kind of "ghost train" or "horror labyrinth".Flank from a classic pirate symbol that denotes evil but presented the adventure in these passages.

9 -in the left There is an open average hand that Michael Jackson is because the "Ford" classic are in three fingertips.Foot on the palm is a black child who holds the skull of the elephant man, whose remains they wanted to buy, but they couldn't.In this palm, it seems to draw a world map that represents the presence of Michael Jackson as a world star.The number 7 is on the doll, as I said that almost 9 special numbers in numerology are.

10 - In the lower middle of the scene there is a kind of galactic belt that surrounds a world upside down.and particle particles.

11 - Here is the picture of Barnum, creator of the most famous circuses in the world.It is an explicit homage for this very "circus" dover.Add 1 +9 +9 +8.The result is 27 (the number of seven positive in numerology) and add 2 +7 da 9 (the other positive number).

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12 - The exit of this "runner" or "Ghost" train "since the end of the story has changed. Elefant Man (of whom we speak) behind his friend Happy Macaulay Culkin and the closure of the Antipolo Row is another skeleton.

13 - A Greek eye appears on the upper facade of the Labyrinth output.It is a symbol of God's protection that sees everything.

14 - Michael GR, admirers of the world paintings of the world world, added that two spens s classic are in a crystal ball and the other in one of the columns of the dog of the Afghan king.

3 in Paris in the Army Museum, which also examines the work of Napoleon Ba Tum.

16-es gives two other figures that are part of the dangerous cover that is contained in the luxury version of three or three dimensions, is a two-legged dog and a girl with the whole body in the arms that a large green beetle E.Sinholds.The place for doubt is the cover of "dangerous" for the cover design of "Sergeant Pepper" of the Beatles is the two most interpreted cover in music history.

17 - At the end of the cover you can see the picture of Aleister Crowley, an influential English, astrologer, a mystical and ceremonial magician.Read more about himHere.

Mark Ryden, an artist of the cover of "Dangerous", who had previously worked in many other projects with the Art Director for Sony, Nancy Donald, and when Michael Jackson's project was commissioned, he thought of him.

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Michael Jackson showed him a book about his works and liked it very much.When it was the case that he met with the king of pop in his studio, where he could hear some of his new music and talked about the idea.

Then he had a week to create a few lines and make 5 pencil drawings.Only one was selected, the current design of the lid.

The other four sketches were not accepted by Michael Jackson, but they had the same general style as the cover of "Dangerous".One was a circus poster with a skeleton that jumped out of the intestine of a clown, another was on a girl in a girl in concentration a girl who supported a skull was very similar to the last cover, but the scene became very similaroutdoors and those mixed by Michael Jackson's eyes with clouds on chimpanzees bubbles that were on an animal stack.

Mark Ryden also points out that the first sketches of the cover of "Dangerous" were found "in the film" Moonwalker "" in the film "Moonwalker" and said: "It was the picture, the design and the elements."

The cover of "dangerous" was the largest project that Mark Ryden asked the date on which he asked for six months of hard work.Although the original painting is very large, the artist's great challenge was that by reducing the size of a cover cover of a detail of a detail of a reduction of the artist, the detail of the compact window and the concept did not disappear.

One of his inspiration for the many details was to listen to the slopes of the album, since Michael Jackson ended his recording and also served the song titles to present certain concepts.And so the title of the album and the song "Dangerous" prepared a starting point for the base of the drawing.

Mark Ryden said that despite the great progress in digital technology, the drawing is not compatible with computers and that nothing is done in the old way, only with acrylic in a panel that remains in his original study without Michael JacksonI asked for the art department of the Sony Music because it only bought the rights of reproduction.The artist assumes that every other person can buy their original drawing.

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As far as freedom is concerned, Ryden had the opportunity to draw pressure without drawing, with the exception of some very specifically that Michael Jackson had been asked towards the end of the work.For example, he wanted actor Macaulay Culkin in one of the cars that were removed from the tunnel and placed the pen "1998" on the flap of P. Barnum.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Songs

1. jam
2. Why do you want to stumble with me?
3. In the closet
4. She drives me crazy
5. remember the time
6. I can't escape it
7. Heals the world
8. Black or black
9. Who is it?
10. Give me
11. Will you be there?
12. Keep faith
13. He went too early
14. Danger

The first of these albums, on which Michael Jackson spoke openly about racism, was the main topic with the successful song "Black or White" and the life of the city center was discussed in the song "Why You Will Stolp in Me", in thehe compared social evil with her own publicly published eccentricities that the press treated at that time occurred to him when other social problems occurred.Duett between Jackson and Madonna, although this recording never took place and concentrated on two lovers who were carried out discreetly without being open on this matter.The album also contained Canciones from a different personal nature, especially songs like "She Mutes Me Wild", "remember the time", "cannot go away", "Who is it" and "give in me".The social comment "Heal the World" was in the middle of the number of personal songs. "Gone Too", written by Larry Grossman and Buz Kohan, was written and recorded for Ryan White after White's death of AIDS in 1990."Dirty Diana" with the song that focuses on a seductive.

Key information about Michael Jackson's dangerous album

  1. Dangerous is Michael Jackson's eighth studio album, which was introduced by Epic Records on November 26, 1991.
  2. Jackson wrote twelve of the fourteen songs in the album.The lyrical songs that were expressed on the album included racism, poverty, romance, the fountain of the children and the world and the personal improvement, the songs that Jackson had previously treated.
  3. Dangerously received several Grammy nominations and only gained one of the best (non -classic) album by Bruce Swedien and Riley (not classic) / R&B for the single "Remember the Time" and the favorite pop / rock album for thatAlbum itself.
  4. Dangerous sold 32 million copies worldwide, 7 million albums were only sent in the United States and were conjured up as one of the best albums of all time.
  5. The album produced four ten singles in the Billboard Hot 100, including the number one success "Black or White".
  6. The recording sessions for dangerous took place on June 25, 1990 in Los Angeles in Ocean Way/Record One's Studio 2 and ended on October 29, 1991 in the Larrabee North and Ocean Way.Jackson's greatest regulation at that time.
  7. With Riley, Jackson was recorded under the new genre of Jack Swing, a genre from Riley is often accredited by the invention.It was also the first album on which Jackson began to abort.The new Jack Swing was designed so that Jackson Jackson had a new new new one.most recent urban audience.

Michael Jackson's dangerous album - professional qualifications

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