Sauron vs. Morgoth: Who is the most powerful Lord of the Rings villain? (2023)

ÖLord of the ringsMorgoth's villain was once Sauron's master, but who was the most powerful villain? Although Sauron is the main enemy inLord of the ringsSauron, who forced his heroes to destroy the One Ring and face his armies in countless battles to protect Middle-earth, was once bound to a master before becoming the titular villain of Tolkien's epic trilogy. And while Sauron and Morgoth had similar ambitions, there are significant differences between the two villains - including who was more powerful during their reign of terror. From Amazonthe power rings brings yourLord of the ringsStory to screen, here's who comes out on top in the Morgoth vs Sauron performance comparison.


Each of these villains has their own strengths and weaknesses, and while Sauron the emphasis was on thatthe original J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy, ÖLord of the ringsThe rogue Morgoth might be a more formidable force. He was the first to exercise a reign of terror in Middle-earth second only to his disciple. However, Sauron is a fearsome villain himself and is ruled with an iron fist. Thankfully, in the end, these two villains were foiled by Tolkien's various heroes. However, one can only imagine what would have happened if the disciple had acted against the master and what the result would have been. When it comes to Morgoth vs Sauron, here's which oneLord of the ringsvillain would prevail.

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Main differences between Morgoth and Sauron explained

Sauron vs. Morgoth: Who is the most powerful Lord of the Rings villain? (1)

Formerly known as Melkor, ÖLord of the ringsThe character Morgoth is the main villain in Tolkien's extensive Middle-earth legend, introduced inO SilmarillioneThe History of Middle-earth. In order to control Arda (the world) and Valinor (the immortal lands where the Elves and eventually the Ringbearers could dwell in eternal peace), Morgoth wielded his influence as the first and most powerful of the Valar to corrupt and bend the world your will. Like Melkor, he was considered a radiant politician, noble and talented, and irresistibly charming.

WhileLord of the ringsMorgoth's character however, his depravity spread across the world, his proportions shifting and he was an ever menacing apparition: impossibly tall and surrounded by a black aura. InA work by J.R.R. Tolkien, few characters or creatures brave enough to challenge him personally. Sauron, on the other hand, grew up in his master's shadow, his ambition growing to fulfill Morgoths while serving him.

Before becoming Sauron, he was known as Mairon, one of the most powerful of the Maiar to serve the Valar. When the Valar finally drove Morgoth out due to the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age, Sauron became the second Dark Lord to terrorize Middle-earth. Sauron intended to bring Middle-earth to its knees with cunning and overwhelming power as his main strategy.Control of the power ringsthrough the One Ring. Both Morgoth and Sauron managed to cause significant damage to the world and its enemies before their downfall, but Morgoth was arguably the more powerful of the two. There are three specific reasons why he wins every confrontation between Morgoth and Sauron.

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Valar and Maia are the key to Sauron Vs Morgoth debate

Sauron vs. Morgoth: Who is the most powerful Lord of the Rings villain? (2)

The difference between Valar and Maiar is key to understanding why Morgoth would always end up with the earlier victory against Sauron. The Valar were known as the powers of Arda. Created by Ilúvatar, the Supreme Being who created the world, the Valar were charged with shaping and ruling the world. Melkor was the first and strongest of the Valar, but his vision of what Arda should be was so different from Ilúvatar's that the rest of the Valar were constantly forced to fight against his evil. Powers differ for each valar. For example, Manwë could control the winds of Arda and Ulmo controlled the waters.Morgoth's abilities beforeAmong other things, his final fall from power included the power to curse those who opposed him, the ability to shapeshift and deceive his enemies, tremendous physical strength, and pyrokinesis. His mere presence could corrupt those around him - ultimately reducing his stature but allowing his evil to spread far and wide.


The Maiar, on the other hand, were created by Ilúvatar to help the Valar shape the world. Each of the Maiar was assigned to one or more Valar, and their powers reflected the skills of their masters. Their general abilities are very similar to those of the Valar, such as the ability to shapeshift, immortality, and the power to expand the world around them as their masters do. Though considerably powerful beings, they are inferior to the Valar simply because they were made to serve them. Sauron is not the only known Maiar inMiddle Earth from The Lord of the Rings. Before he was known as Gandalf in Middle-earth, he was Olórin, just as Saruman was once the Maia known as Curumo, and Radagast was once known as Aiwendil.

Who was smarter: Morgoth or Sauron?

Sauron vs. Morgoth: Who is the most powerful Lord of the Rings villain? (3)

Constantly fighting the efforts of his fellow Valar, Melkor shifted his work and attention elsewhere so he could wreak havoc on the world in the meantime. He managed to destroy the two Great Lamps that plunged the world into darkness and allowed their corruption to spread. The destruction of the lamps prompted the Valar to build Valinor, giving Melkor virtual free reign over all of Middle-earth.

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This bought him time to plunge the continent into darkness, filling it with horrible creatures and spreading decay everywhere.Sauron with his considerable power, was installed in the fortress of Angband around this time and ensured Morgoth's evil was carried out even after he was captured by the Valar and brought back to Valinor. Morgoth, cunning as he was, managed to convince the Valar of his innocence after years in captivity, leading to the Corruption of the Elves, which was the beginning of Morgoth's plan to gather an army and turn the peoples of Middle-earth against them . another.

However, Sauron was also extremely cunning. He used his shapeshifting abilities to lead the elves to forge the rings of power in the Second Age, the time in Middle-earth history that the Amazon represents.power ringsand the.Sauron planned to use these rings of powerto dominate the Elves remaining in Middle-earth, whom he saw as his greatest enemy. As a result, he secretly forged the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom and imbued it with part of his soul to make it powerful enough to control the other rings. However, the alliance of Men and Elves foiled his original plan, and by imbuing the One Ring with a substantial part of his soul, he gave the heroes of Middle-earth a way to defeat him once and for all.

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In this case Morgoth was more cunning, for his reign and terror lasted an unfathomable time and his corruption spread further than Sauron could ever muster. However, it could be argued that emotionally, and perhaps politically, Sauron was once superior to Morgoth.Morgoth became a slave to his wicked desiresand only tried to destroy his enemies and destroy everything good in the world. Sauron wasn't initially interested in total devastation. He wanted to rule Middle-earth by manipulating its inhabitants. Though Morgoth's powers and cunning led to more successes over time, Sauron's strength lay in his overall ambition to rule.

Was Sauron's army larger than Morgoth's?

Sauron vs. Morgoth: Who is the most powerful Lord of the Rings villain? (4)

Once again, Morgoth wins in this regard. Though Sauron's armies were undoubtedly large, their ranks consisted of orcs, Uruk-hai, trolls, and Nazgûl riding fellbeasts; Other powerful beasts were not available to Sauron that could easily have turned the tide during the War of the Ring. Morgoth, creator of all things evil in Middle-earth, not only corrupted the elves and turned them into orcs, but also created dragons, powerful and intelligent beasts, nearly invulnerable and possessed of overwhelming greed.

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the most famous ofTolkien's dragons are Smaug, who is introduced as a villain inO Hobbit. Morgoth also created the Balrogs that appear inThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Balrogs were Maiar seduced and corrupted by Morgoth. They were powerful creatures - a single Balrog was all it took to drive the dwarves from their home in Khazad-dûm, the largest and most heavily fortified dwelling of the dwarves. The Balrogs and Dragons were not part of Sauron's army, as almost all were driven from Middle-earth or destroyed when he returned to power in the Third Age, and as such his army would be at a significant disadvantage to Morgoth's army.

Although Sauron was undoubtedly a great and terrible villainMovies Lord of the Rings, in the grand scheme of Arda and Middle-earth, he is nowhere near the power of Morgoth. Morgoth's rule and terror over Middle-earth allowed Sauron to rise to power and continue his legacy, but in the entire history of Middle-earth there were only a handful of beings more powerful than Morgoth. Sauron, even in his most powerful form, would have been no match for his former master.

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Neither Morgoth nor Sauron are the most powerful beings in LOTR

Sauron vs. Morgoth: Who is the most powerful Lord of the Rings villain? (5)

Morgoth may be the historical Big Bad of Tolkien's Middle-earth, but he's not the most powerful being in itLord of the ringsgeneral history. As is evident from the fact that he created the Valar, the most powerful beingna mitologia de Tolkienis Eru Ilúvatar, meaning "the One, Father of all". in Elvish. While it is possible that there are beings out there resembling Ilúvatar, their existence is hardly worth speculating about. Tolkien never wrote about her, and given his religious beliefs it is safe to assume that he intended Eru Ilúvatar to be an omnipotent deity in the Judeo-Christian sense. Tolkien's work shows deliberately and overtly Christian parallels, and the first part of the story of Melkor and Eru Ilúvatar is heavily influenced by the story of God and the devil in the Bible. Melkor being a fallen Valar is an obvious example of this, but Tolkien scholars have been able to find many influences from Tolkien's beliefsIn-depth knowledge of Middle-earth.

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Due to his infamous absence from Peter JacksonLord of the ringsTrilogy, some in the fanbase mistakenly believe that Tom Bombadil is the most powerful being in Tolkien's mythology. However, the legend of Tom Bombadil is much bigger than the character. There are manyLord of the ringsFans who haven't read the incredibly long original lyrics. There's no shame in that (despite what some hardcore corners of the fandom say), but it does leave those pure Middle-earth movie fans vulnerable to misunderstandings about Tom Bombadil's power. He is incredibly powerful and immune to the effects of the One Ring. However, he is no more powerful than Morgoth. If he's in Sauron vs.Tom BombadilMatchup is a bit more debated. What is undisputed is that neither Tom Bombadil, Morgoth nor Sauron are as powerful as Eru Ilúvatar – the creator of Middle-earth himself and the willful equivalent of God in Lord of the rings.

Will Morgoth appear in the Rings of Power?

Sauron vs. Morgoth: Who is the most powerful Lord of the Rings villain? (6)

Out ofpower ringsTaking place thousands of years before the original series, many wonder if that's the caseLord of the ringsThe character of Morgoth will appear in the Amazon Prime TV show. Unfortunately, Morgoth is unlikely to appear in itpower rings. However, it is possible for the character to appear in a flashback. BothGaladriel and Elrondwitnessed the fall of Morgoth, also known as Melkor, as he is often calledpower rings,and to find his servant Sauron is the goal of the future elf lord. Sometime,power ringscould see flashbacks to the First Age, at the height of their reign of terror. However, there must be a good narrative reason for exploring the First Age timeline, and so far none has surfaced. That is, in the case of Sauron vs. Morgoth, theLord of the ringsThe rogue Morgoth is the most fearsome enemy.

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Who was more powerful Sauron or Morgoth? ›

Morgoth Was Originally More Powerful Than Sauron

He made the Valar to help create and order the world, but the most powerful Valar, Melkor, turned out to be nothing but problems. Melkor decided that he wanted to be his own master and create of his own will.

Is Morgoth a better villain than Sauron? ›

Morgoth was unquestionably more powerful for most of his time in Arda. However, near the end, Morgoth had dispersed so much of his own power into the world, that (Tolkien wrote in a private letter) he was actually weaker than Sauron. Sauron made torture a specialty.

Who is the most powerful enemy in Lord of the Rings? ›

Sauron. Aside from the first dark lord Morgoth, this iconic villain is so strong and menacing that he manages to be the most ominous and influential force in Middle-Earth, especially with the full power of the Ring.

Is Sauron the most powerful villain? ›

Even at a fraction of his full strength, Sauron is undoubtedly the strongest character in The Lord of the Rings. As a Maia, there's a good reason the people of Middle-earth fear his return, risking their lives to destroy the One Ring and prevent Sauron from reclaiming his former glory.

Who kills Morgoth? ›

Nevertheless, according to the Second Prophecy of Mandos, Morgoth will come back and attack Arda. He will fight in the Last Battle against the Valar and their allies, but will ultimately be slain by Túrin Turambar, the Man he cursed.

Who defeated Morgoth in LOTR? ›

Melkor is defeated by Tulkas, bound with a specially forged chain, Angainor, and brought to Valinor, where he is imprisoned in the Halls of Mandos for three ages. Upon his release, Melkor is paroled to Valinor, though a few of the Valar continue to mistrust him.

Who has defeated Sauron? ›

Isildur took up the hilt-shard of Narsil and cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand, vanquishing Sauron.

Who is Sauron's master? ›

It begins after Sauron's master, the evil lord Morgoth, is defeated. Sauron may have gone into hiding, but he's still alive: the series will eventually show Sauron's creation of the titular rings of power—including the one ring to rule them all.

Who are the most powerful beings in Tolkien universe? ›

Sauron nor Morgoth are the most powerful in Tolkien's world

In Tolkien's lore, the most powerful being is Eru Ilúvatar, which means "the one, father of all” in Elvish. The author purposefully created him to reflect his Judeo-Christian beliefs. Eru is God, while Morgoth is the Devil, according to Biblical references.

Who is the most powerful dragon in LOTR? ›

The most powerful dragon to ever exist since the dawn of time in Middle-earth, and the chief of the Winged Dragons of the War of Wrath, is Ancalagon the Black. His death at the hands of Earendil is legendary because he is killed after considerable effort, although the exact specifics are not mentioned.

Who is the strongest orc ever? ›

Uruk-Hai. Lurtz was the first and one of the strongest orcs known as the Uruk-Hai that were created by Saruman the White. He led a party of Uruk-Hai to Amon Hen, where they intercepted the Fellowship of the Ring and tried to capture Frodo.

Who is the most powerful dragons in Lord of the Rings? ›

Ancalagon, often titled "The Black", was the greatest of all winged dragons. He was bred by Morgoth during the First Age and was the largest dragon to have ever existed in Middle-earth.

Could Sauron have been defeated? ›

There have been 3 times in the record of Middle Earth that the evil Sauron has been defeated and cast out of his physical form. The first is during the fall of Numenor, when the kingdoms are turned to ruin, and the once noble race is almost wiped out, and loses control of the Palantir stones.

Who forges the rings of power? ›

The Rings of Power were forged by the Elven-smiths of the Noldorin settlement of Eregion. Best-known were the twenty Great Rings which conferred powers including invisibility, but many lesser rings with minor powers were also created at that time.

Who was Morgoth afraid of? ›

Orome: After the elves awoke it's said that Morgoth “greatly hated and feared the riding of Orome”, but this was mostly because he didn't want the Valar to discover the elves (as evidenced by the fact that his reaction to this is to conspire to turn the elves against Orome.)

What ELF hurts Morgoth? ›

Seven times Fingolfin wounded Morgoth and seven times Morgoth cried in pain, and seven times the host of Morgoth wailed in anguish, but he could not be slain for he was one of the Valar.

How did Morgoth died? ›

Morgoth's end came in the War of Wrath. The half-elf Eärendil (Elrond's father) led the Valar in the War of Wrath. During this battle, they seized Morgoth and chained him up in Angband. The Valar ejected Morgoth into the Void, an empty place where time did not exist.

How evil was Morgoth? ›

Morgoth is an analogy for Satan as an angelic-like creature who rebels against his creator and creates all evil in his world. However, Morgoth is far eviler than the devil and qualifies as Pure Evil, while Satan does not.

Was Morgoth the most powerful? ›

Likewise, Morgoth at his height was the most powerful nondivine entity in Arda; but even he was defeated in a fight by Ungoliant, who could only do one thing (engulf and consume things in darkness), but could do it really, really well.

Who put Morgoth sleep? ›

Personal piece. The Elven Princess Luthien sings a song of enchantment, sending the court of Morgoth to sleep. Here is my depiction of one of my favourite scenes from Tolkien's The Silmarillion.

Who kills Saruman? ›

The death of the white wizard Saruman differs slightly from Tolkien's original book Return of the King to Peter Jackson's film adaptation of the same name. But although the whereabouts and the circumstances change between the two, both versions agree that Saruman is killed by Grima Wormtongue.

Who is the evil guy in Rings of Power? ›

Melkor, later known as Morgoth is the overarching antagonist of the television series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. He is a fallen Vala that became the Dark Lord during the First Age and sought out to conquer all of Middle-earth, terrorizing and destroying many civilizations in the process.

Who is the father of the Orcs? ›

In the Silvan Elvish language "Adar" is Sindarin for "father." Adar is the father of the Orcs, in a sense.

Who is Sauron's brother? ›

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Notable forFounded Gondor with Anárion and later cut the One Ring from the hand of Sauron
HouseHouse of Elendil, founded the House of Isildur
20 more rows
Dec 29, 2022

What is Sauron's real name? ›

Sauron's original name was Mairon. He was the mightiest Maia of the Vala Aulë the Smith, and learned much from Aulë in the ways of smithing and handiwork, becoming a great craftsman, and "mighty in the lore of" Aulë's people. He was among the most powerful Maiar.

Who was Sauron before he was evil? ›

But when Morgoth was defeated, Sauron escaped. Drawing from the Bible, Tolkien's history explains that Sauron was originally an angelic spirit known as the Ainur before he signed up with Morgoth and started wreaking havoc on the world.

Who is the most powerful elf in LOTR? ›

Luthien was the most potent elf; in Middle Earth, she was also known as Tinviel. She was able to captivate Morgoth and conquer death because she was the sole offspring of an Elven monarch and the Maia spirit.

Who is more powerful Galadriel or Sauron? ›

In The Lord of the Rings, it is said that had Galadriel chosen to use her powers for evil instead of good, she would have been even more destructive and terrifying than Sauron himself. Galadriel was the greatest and most powerful of all Elves in Middle Earth in the Third Age.

Is Smaug more powerful than a Balrog? ›

So, one glimpse into Smaug's eyes and the Balrog falls under the spell. Even if it's just for a second—a moment of hesitation or distraction, it'd be enough. Smaug would snatch up Durin's Bane and gobble him up with his sword-sharp teeth (and we know swords can kill Balrogs). There you have it.

Who is the father of all dragons? ›

Glaurung, first introduced in The Silmarillion, is described as the Father of Dragons in Tolkien's legendarium, and the first of the Urulóki, the Fire-drakes of Angband.

Who is God in Lord of the Rings? ›

Eru is introduced in The Silmarillion as the supreme being of the universe, creator of all existence, including the world, Arda, and its central continent, Middle-earth. In Tolkien's invented Elvish language Quenya, Eru means "The One", or "He that is Alone" and Ilúvatar signifies "Allfather".

Who kills dragon in Lord of the Rings? ›

The townsmen's arrows and spears proved useless against the dragon's armoured body. The thrush told Bard the Bowman of Smaug's one weak spot, a bare patch on the dragon's belly. With his last arrow, Bard killed Smaug by shooting into this place.

Who kills the white Orc? ›

Azog finally battles Thorin on a frozen lake and is knocked underwater. However, he breaks through the ice and stabs Thorin, mortally wounding him. Despite this, the Dwarf leader manages to stab Azog through the chest with Orcrist - finally killing the Pale Orc - shortly before succumbing to his own wounds.

Are Nords stronger than orcs? ›

Are Orcs stronger than nords? So in terms of lore, Nord is the physically strongest, while Redguard and Orc have the most endurance.

What are giant orcs called? ›

Great Orcs, Uruks. Origins. Bred by Sauron (and later Saruman) in the late Third Age. Locations. Northern Rohan and Isengard, Mordor.

Who is the king of all dragons? ›

In Chinese mythology, Longwang (龍王) lords over the seas and is known as the “Dragon King.” He is a fearsome guardian deity who controls all dragons, sea creatures, the oceans, and the weather. Although he has a temper, Longwang is seen as a symbol of good fortune and the mythological embodiment of the concept of yang.

Could Smaug melt the One Ring? ›

Smaug's dragon-fine would not have been hot enough to destroy the One Ring. The malevolence that Sauron put inside of the Ring could only be destroyed in the Cracks of Doom, so Frodo was compelled to make the journey to Mordor.

What color is the strongest dragon? ›

Red dragons are the largest and most powerful of the classic chromatic dragons.

Who was more powerful Sauron or Melkor? ›

Melkor (later almost exclusively called Morgoth) is a higher sort of being, a (fallen) Vala, and mightier even than the other Valar. Sauron is one of the Maiar, who are a lesser form of angelic being, though Sauron is the most powerful of this class.

Did Sauron still serve Morgoth? ›

Lieutenant of Morgoth

Sauron became Morgoth's capable servant, helping him in all the "deceits of his cunning". By the time Elves awoke in the world, Sauron had become Melkor's lieutenant and was given command over the new stronghold of Angband.

Who originally defeated Sauron? ›

So, while Gil-galad and Elendil defeated Sauron on a physical level, it was Isildur's part that essentially gave Middle Earth over a thousand years of peace while Sauron tried to regain his power without the Ring.

Did Morgoth give Sauron power? ›

Morgoth's rule and terror over Middle-earth allowed Sauron to rise to power and continue his legacy, but there were only a handful of beings more powerful than Morgoth in the entire history of Middle-earth.

Is the Ring more powerful than Sauron? ›

Creating the Ring simultaneously strengthened and weakened Sauron. With the Ring, he could control the power of all the other Rings, and thus he was significantly more powerful after its creation than before; but by binding his power within the Ring, Sauron became dependent on it.

Was Sauron more powerful with the Ring? ›

Sauron made The One Ring to help him exercise power over all other people who wore Rings of Power. He made it so powerful by imbuing a part of his soul into the ring. This decision resulted in the ring being a conduit that made Sauron even stronger than before.

Did Morgoth died? ›

Morgoth's end came in the War of Wrath. The half-elf Eärendil (Elrond's father) led the Valar in the War of Wrath. During this battle, they seized Morgoth and chained him up in Angband. The Valar ejected Morgoth into the Void, an empty place where time did not exist.

How did Morgoth lose? ›

Morgoth was the most powerful of the Valar, but he was not the only one of them. He lost when the host of the Valar finally had enough of him so they came to undo all his works and drag him back for judgement.

What does Sauron want? ›

The theory argues that Sauron sought to enslave everyone on Middle-earth so that he could use them as a bargaining chip in exchange for Morgoth — who was defeated at the end of the First Age of Middle-earth — to be released from his imprisonment.

Who is Sauron afraid of? ›

Sauron was first afraid of the idea of Aragorn, as a pretender come to claim his ring. Then after their contest for the control of the Orthanc Palantir, Sauron was genuinely afraid of Aragorn, the man. Even though he was 'just' a man Aragorn was the focal point of all things that opposed Sauron.

Is Sauron completely evil? ›

While Sauron is indeed one of the evilest entities in Middle-earth history, he wasn't always so, as The Rings of Power's premise states that "nothing is evil in the beginning." In fact, there were moments in the Second Age, after the fall of Morgoth, and even during the War of the Ring (depicted in The Lord of the ...

What Elf fights Morgoth? ›

Fingolfin smote the gates of Angband and challenged Morgoth to single combat. Though Morgoth feared Fingolfin (of all the Valar, Morgoth was the only one to know fear), he had to accept the challenge—or face shame in the eyes of his servants.


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